Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Bunnies, Chicks, Candy, and More... Easter with Oriental Trading

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There's another holiday coming up, and Oriental Trading is again my one stop shop! Without ever leaving my house and braving a crowded store, we're ready for Easter.

For our family, Easter is a fun time to celebrate the start of spring, the gift of Jesus’ resurrection, AND all things cute and cuddly like chicks and bunnies! My six year old daughter, who recently wrote in her school journal that her greatest temptation is candy, also sees every holiday as an opportunity for some new candy treats! Oriental Trading has you covered no matter what you’re celebrating this spring!

I love that when I’m shopping online with Oriental Trading, I can get everything I need for crafting, snacking, decorating, and gift giving all in one place. In fact, I’m often surprised at what we can find! My daughter was in charge of our most recent Oriental Trading order. She loves to browse through the different sections of the Oriental Trading website and come up with her list of must-haves. Not surprisingly, sweet snacks were on the list. We were able to do a complete stock-up on name brand candies - there’s a huge variety, bulk packaging, and reasonable prices. We have so much candy this Easter that I’m pretty sure the Easter Bunny just may borrow some when he fills eggs for our kiddos this year!

We love crafting anytime, but especially at holiday times. It’s a great way to get our house decorated and ready for entertaining family and friends. We love hosting holiday meals at our home and part of that is just making the space special for the occasion. We will use our Sand Art Easter Shapes and Self-Inflating Easter Mylar Balloons to do just that. Both of these come in a set of 12 - an assortment of 4 different Easter themed designs in each.

Because it feels good to give to friends, gift-giving is always a part of our holiday celebrations. I think my daughter would make it a part of every single day if she could! She chose some adorable Mini Easter Cameras and Jumping Bunnies to gift to her classmates for Easter this year. The Mini Easter Cameras remind me of the old viewfinder toys we had when I was a kid. Each click of the camera reveals a sweet Easter image. These little cameras are sold in a package of 24 so we have plenty to enjoy and plenty to share! The Jumping Bunnies are super cute and very fun! Just press down on their backs and they hop across the floor! We are having so much fun racing them and challenging them to see who jumps the furthest! This set comes with tons of bunnies - 144 to be exact! These are a hit in our home so we know for sure they’ll be a hit with our friends as well.

We love a lot of things but there are three things we REALLY love. Well… way more than three… but this next item was the perfect compilation of three current favorites: stickers, bunnies, and emojis! Seriously?! YES! Are these not the best? This roll of 100 stickers is almost too cute for me to handle. We adore them. They are individually perforated so easy to share too!

My bunny obsessed six year old could not have been more excited to find that although Oriental Trading does not sell LIVE bunnies, they do sell bunny ears. This Plush Bunny Ears Headband is the perfect way to let the world know her love for bunnies and let the Easter Bunny know her desire to get one soon. 

We can’t wait to celebrate Easter this year, largely in part to this huge assortment of goodies from Oriental Trading to help us get ready! If you’re looking for supplies to celebrate Easter this year - at church, home, school, or anywhere - Oriental Trading has what you need! Crafts, supplies, snacks, toys… you name it. As always, there’s a huge variety at an affordable cost. The only issue you might have is narrowing down your list! Oriental Trading is offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders through April 6 - just enter the promotion code EASTER17 at checkout. Happy Easter!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Valentine's Day Crafts with Oriental Trading

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With a gift-giving, craft-loving first grader, it's no surprise that we start preparing for most holidays well in advance. Valentine's Day is no exception! We started our Valentine's Day planning extra early this year with the help of Oriental Trading. My daughter has always enjoyed crafting her own Valentine's rather than getting store bought ones, and this year she stepped it up a notch. Instead of DIY Valentine's alone, she also prepared some super cute, simple, and fun goody bags for each of her classmates. 

This set of DIY Valentine Cards was just what we needed to get started on our project. This set comes with 24 cards and 24 envelopes. It includes pink, white, and red folded cards as well as white envelopes.

For decorating, we chose a hefty assortment of stickers and decorative jewels. Oriental Trading had so many different options to choose from!

We are loving these Emoji Stickers! Aren't they amazing?! We used them as stickers, but as you can see, they double as Valentines! They come in a set of 12. Who wouldn't love to receive one of these for Valentine's Day? Super duper cute!

These Fabulous Foam Self-Adhesive Valentine Cookie & Candy Shapes come in a bag of 500! Just peel the backs and decorate to your heart's content (no pun intended)!

There's nothing more exciting to a first grader than Heart-Shaped Jewels and with Oriental Trading's package of 150 there are plenty of these sparkling gems to add to our cards! They are not self-adhesive so you'll need a glue stick handy but once they are glued down, they stay put, and certainly add a special something to Valentine crafts!

Aren't these turning out great?

We found the perfect Mini Red Gift Bags for our treats! They are tiny bags, but so cute, and perfect for our project and the goodies we chose to gift our friends. The outside of each bag was decorated with Peanuts Valentine StickersWe've gotten these themed stickers every holiday over the past year and love them. A big roll of 100 perforated stickers means lots for decorating and plenty left for gifting as well.

We chose items for our goody bags that were fun, age appropriate, and generally gender neutral so that everyone would enjoy them. I love that Oriental Trading makes it so easy to get a bulk selection of one item affordably! We know our friends will love their Heart Rings, Glitter Heart Tattoos, Valentine Monster Pop-Ups, Mini Heart Stress Toys (makes the School Counselor in me proud!), and of course, Hershey's Hugs & Kisses Chocolate Candy.

We love making the holidays special for our friends - because it makes it special for us at the same time! Oriental Trading always has what we need for crafting and gift giving - fun for the kids with just the right price for Mom. Oriental Trading saves me a trip to the store (a huge plus for a busy mom) and offers such a huge selection of affordable fun. So save yourself a last minute trip to the store to buy Valentines for your child's classmates this year and place a Valentine's Day order with Oriental Trading today!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Celebrate Christmas with Oriental Trading this Year!

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'Tis the season for decorations, crafts, gift giving, and so many other good things! I have always been excited to celebrate Christmas but this joyful season has taken on a whole new excitement with young children in the mix! I always turn to Oriental Trading as I prepare for holidays and Christmas is certainly no exception.

Oriental Trading has crafts, party supplies, gifts, and more to help ring in the season and get you in the holiday spirit! Our Christmas shopping spree included Christmas tree ornaments, crafts, gifts for family and friends, home decorations, and even goodie bags for our holiday cookies.

I'm always pleased with the variety, quality, and affordability of Oriental Trading products. Here are some of the goodies we chose to help get us ready for Christmas this year!

I fell in love with this Vintage Christmas Tree the moment I saw it on the Oriental Trading website. When it arrived at my home, I loved it even more. It is adorable and added the perfect, simple, Christmas touch to the shelf above our front doorway.

We added these fun Christmas Goodies Ornaments to our tree this year. Reminiscent of all our favorite holiday treats, this set of 12 resin ornaments comes with colorful, glittery ornaments in the shapes of cupcakes and decorated sugar cookies. 

We are always looking for new craft ideas around here and the holidays are the perfect time for crafts - to use as both decorations and gifts! There is no shortage of holiday craft ideas, supplies, and kits available through Oriental Trading. 

This craft that my daughter has spent hours working on so far, is a life-size, cardboard, playhouse! Our Color Your Own Santa's Workshop is still not complete, but our goal is to have it fully colored and built by Christmas Eve! This little girl who loves imaginative play is so excited for this new fun house to play in with her newly crawling baby sister. This playhouse even has windows and doors that open and close. We can't wait to see the finished project!

We've also been hard at work coloring these Color Your Own Christmas Ornament Bulbs. These plastic bulbs open and close easily to reveal a two sided snowman picture for coloring. This pack of 12 ornaments is plenty for us to decorate our own tree and gift some colored masterpieces to friends and family!

The Beaded Christmas Tree Ornament Craft Kit comes with all the beads and pipe cleaners necessary to make 12 super cute and festive ornaments. I adore these. They are so easy to make, with just the right about of fancy! They make for a fun activity, and a great gift!

Stickers, stickers, stickers. It's become a tradition for us to get new Peanuts themed stickers for each holiday! The Peanuts Christmas Stickers were a perfect addition to our Christmas card mailing this year and they have, of course, made their way onto many a note or picture for school friends. These stickers are fun, festive, and come in a roll of 100!

I am so grateful that my sweet 6 year old daughter loves gift giving as much as I do. Before Christmas vacation every year since she was 3 years old, she has requested to bring cookies to her friends and teachers at school. This year is no exception. Oriental Trading has a huge assortment of seasonal goody bags. These Snowman Goody Bags will be perfect for our cookie gifts this year!

She also plans to gift her friends some Mini Gingerbread Men. These sweet little vinyl toys look just like the real thing (keep out of reach of the little littles!). They are so cute and I think my daughter is right that her friends will adore them. There are 48 little decorated gingerbread men that come in this set so I'm guessing she'll be giving each classmate a few. Aren't they the perfect little gift?

The selection of festive and fun holiday items available through Oriental Trading will not disappoint! Whether you're looking to decorate, find a creative gift, or craft with your kiddos there are a variety of affordable options to choose from. Christmas is right around the corner but it's not too late to order your holiday goodies from Oriental Trading today!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Mother Nurture: Treats for Mom, Nutrition for Mom & Baby

This post was sponsored by MomSelect and Mother Nurture. All opinions expressed are my own.

I'm almost at the nine month mark breastfeeding my youngest daughter. When I think back on how difficult the first few weeks were, I'm in awe at how far we've come - how natural it feels to breastfeed now - and how amazing that we've been able to reintroduce so many previously allergenic foods to both my and her diet. I can't think about this breastfeeding journey without being in awe of the fact that one person can provide life-sustaining nutrients to another. The fact that what I eat and drink gets passed along to my baby to help keep her healthy and strong is incredible. That's why it's so important that nursing moms stay committed to keeping themselves hydrated and snacking on nutritious things. The benefits to baby are real.

Mother Nurture is a new solution to prenatal and postnatal nutrition for moms. Their line of chocolate truffles (yes! chocolate truffles!) and enhanced waters combine two things that all pregnant and nursing moms need - nutritious ingredients and delicious taste! What a treat to not have to choose one of those things over the other!

I'll be honest - I was excited to try Mother Nurture products, but I was skeptical as well. I've tried "delicious" pre- and post-natal "treats" before and have found the "pre- and post-natal" part of the description to be stronger than the "delicious treats" part. I tried Mother Nurture expecting that I'd get something a little tasty with a lot of vitamin-y flavor. You know what I'm talking about - that grassy, grainy, powdery, medicinal taste that comes along with supplement-type foods and beverages.

So, my opinion after trying Mother Nurture? These treats truly are delicious - not just palatable. It's not just "okay, yeah, vitamin-chocolate...", but more like, "Wait. Did they forget to put the healthy stuff in?"

Mother Nurture Enhanced Chocolate Truffles come in two delicious flavors - Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Raspberry. They are rich, creamy, and full of chocolatey deliciousness. They are also full of nutrition for mom and baby - folic acid, DHA, calcium, and vitamin D. They are non-GMO, gluten-free, kosher, and contain all natural ingredients.

Mother Nurture Enhanced Waters come in three delicious flavors - Tropical Splash, Mixed Berry, and Pink Grapefruit. These delicious drinks encourages pregnant and nursing moms to stay hydrated while providing a boost of folic acid, calcium, vitamin B12, and choline. They are non-GMO, allergen free, and made with all natural ingredients.

Growing babies - while in the womb and out - is hard work. Treat yourself! Although neither Mother Nurture product replaces the nutrition received from prenatal vitamins, they both provide beneficial nutrition and truly are a treat you'll look forward to enjoying regularly.

Visit Mother Nurture's website to learn more and purchase some goodies for yourself today.

Find Mother Nurture on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Monday, October 10, 2016

October is RSV Awareness Month: Learn About RSV Symptoms and Prevention

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All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

My oldest daughter was born in the summer and it was more than a year before she got sick for the first time. I didn't quite know what to expect this past year when I had a baby born in the winter. My youngest was born in February and despite my best efforts to keep her healthy, unwanted germs entered our home and before I knew it, I had a very sick baby. Just 7 weeks after she was born, we were in the pediatrician's office with nasal and chest congestion and a fussy baby that could hardly eat because she couldn't breathe through her nose. She was wheezing, and our pediatrician, along with a nurse and nurse practitioner spent two hours trying to stabilize her oxygen levels. Normal is 100%, acceptable is in the 90%'s. We were sitting steady at 80%.

Infant airways and lungs are so tiny and so fragile and I learned through our experience that it doesn't take much for a baby's illness to escalate to the point of not getting enough oxygen. Thankfully babies - and their lungs - are incredibly resilient. Still, it's scary. As parents, we need understand what's happening, when to seek help, and what we can do to attempt to avoid it.

October is RSV Awareness Month, a great time to learn about what RSV is and how to prevent it. RSV - Respiratory Syncytial Disease - is more common than you might think. In fact, most babies will contract RSV before the age of two. Thankfully, it's not nearly as common for symptoms to become severe enough to require hospitalization. RSV is a seasonal virus that typically shows it's ugly head between November and March. It's the leading cause of hospitalization for babies in their first year of life.

We did everything we could think of to try to avoid illness in our baby, but with an older child who was unknowingly bringing germs home from school, it wasn't too surprising that despite our best efforts, we ended up with a sick baby. Thankfully we had a team of people that helped her to get well really fast and our hospital stay was short and sweet. We're hopeful that we'll make it through this RSV season without another hospitalization and we'll be sure to do what we can to prevent it - frequent hand washing, keeping baby away from crowds and young children (especially those with colds) as much as possible, washing toys and bedding often to get rid of any stowaway germs, and of course, avoiding any exposure to cigarette smoke.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Halloween Headquarters at Oriental Trading: Costumes and Candy and Crafts, Oh My!

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One of my favorite parts of this time of year is that there is a holiday to look forward to every month for the next several months! We're always counting down the days to something at this time of year. Right now, it's Halloween!

It's so exciting to enjoy fun holidays alongside my children. My six year old starts planning her Halloween costumes on November 1 each year for the following year. She usually changes her mind about 24 times before October 31... usually for the last time about 4 days before the big day, but every idea is super exciting and magical to her, so we just go with it!

This year, as soon as we hit the official first day of fall, we were ready to celebrate! Decorations, costumes, candy, and fun. We were ready for Halloween early this year - thanks to Oriental Trading!

Halloween Headquarters at Oriental Trading has absolutely everything you need to celebrate this year. Whether you're in the mood for festive or spooky, looking for a costume, some decorations, toys, crafts, or even candy, Oriental Trading has you covered. With a huge selection and affordable prices, you won't be disappointed. 

These Jack O'Lantern Dry Erase Stickers are great for decorating your home for the fun occasion! The set comes with one blank pumpkin and two more partially decorated ones just waiting for your finishing touches before hanging.

Our new Peanuts® Halloween Bowl is filled with Black Cat Character Suckers and Mini Swirl Pops. They are cute and something different for us this year. Usually our bowl is full of traditional chocolate favorites. Oriental Trading has those as well, but we went with lollipops this year and loved the look of these. Of course, we've taste-tasted them, and they were winners in that regard too!

Since we've spent much of this year dealing with some food allergies in our youngest, we were glad to see that Oriental Trading has stocked their shop with lots of non-food Halloween treat options. We ordered a Teal Pumpkin this year in honor of food allergy awareness - to signify that we'll have some non-food treats to offer to kiddos who may not be able to eat all the candy. 

We've filled a second treat bowl with these adorable Halloween Bears and Jack-O-Lantern Rubber Duckies. The vinyl bears really are the cutest and they come in sets of 48. My daughter has already gifted one to each of her classmates and we still have plenty to give away on Halloween night! These treats will be a fun option for any visiting kids who may not be able to eat our candy offerings. Most likely, we'll let everyone take one, because who could look at these cute faces and not want one?!

No holiday is complete without stickers, right? Actually in our home, no day is complete without stickers. These Peanuts® Halloween Stickers are great for the season and my daughter has been loving creating crafty cards for her friends with these. The roll comes with 100 assorted stickers.

We've also been doing some seasonal crafting with this Halloween Witch Clothespin Craft Kit. I adore these foam craft kids from Oriental Trading. They are so easy, mess-free, yet totally adorable and very fun for little crafters.

Perhaps most excitingly for this time of year, Oriental Trading has tons and tons and tons of costume options for both kids and adults! If there's something you have in mind, Oriental Trading is sure to have it. And if you just can't think of what to dress up as, Oriental Trading will give you some great ideas!

My daughter has decided to be an angel this year and Oriental Trading had the perfect costume for her. This Angel Costume with Wings & Candle is simple, sweet, beautiful, and perhaps most importantly, practical. I wasn't sure that I would love these feather wings but I do! They look fantastic and really fancy this costume up. You never know what the weather will be like around here on Halloween, but often it's a night to break out the winter jackets. This white angel dress will fit over whatever jacket we use. The only downside to this costume is the lack of halo, but we'll be able to make one of those without too much difficulty. Here's a costume sneak peek... I'm hoping she doesn't change her mind!

I know some of you might be surprised that we're not dressing at Shopkins this Halloween! For all you Shopkins fans, rest assured Oriental Trading does even have a costume for you! Strawberry Kiss and Cupcake Queen are full of glittery goodness, so if Shopkins are your thing this year, Oriental Trading has you covered.

We were so excited for Halloween this year as always, and even more so now that Oriental Trading hooked us up with everything we need for a great night. Check out Halloween Headquarters at Oriental Trading for anything and everything you need this year!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Dolls, Accessories, and Loyal Pals from Our Generation

We received free product to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.

We've already shared with you our love of Our Generation Dolls from Battat. We love the quality and style these affordable 18" posable dolls with accessories, clothing, and options galore! We have several of these dolls and they - no surprise - love to play together! 

Our newest friend is Celeste. Her long blonde hair is beautiful and she comes with a shirt, vest, pair of pants, underwear, sandals (jelly shoes!), and a hairclip. We love that each of these girls comes with clothing and accessories that are interchangeable. Our six-year-old loves to mix-and-match the dolls and their clothes.

Besides dolls, Our Generation has a large assortment of Loyal Pals - animal friends for your doll (and your child!) to love and care for. There are dogs, cats, and horses of all different colors, shapes, and sizes. 

Celeste came to us with the Lusitano Horse. This horse is all about the hair! Sometimes I (like all moms, I'm sure) cringe when I see dolls and animal toys with long hair. The horror of those unruly tangles haunts me in my sleep. We haven't had the tangle horrors with these dolls or this horse! 

Besides coming with a saddle, top strap and bridle, this beautiful horse comes with a comb, a colorful hair extension, 2 ribbon extensions, a hair bow, hair gems, and hair elastics. Also included is a book of instructions for creating amazing hairstyles! 

The Lusitano Horse is the perfect size for Celeste and her friends. She's made of high quality hard plastic that makes her really easy to groom and bathe with a wet cloth. My six-year-old daughter, our horse lover, has spent hours on this task - washing her body and then styling her hair with all the included accessories.

You'll see that Celeste changed her clothes before her ride. Here she's wearing the Well Groomed Deluxe Outfit Set and is ready to go! This outfit set is sold separately. Our Generation has a huge variety of outfits for all sorts of occasions, so whatever your child's favorite activity is, there's sure to be a way to customize their doll to match! These clothes are easy to change and really make doll-play fun.

We knew we loved Our Generation before we met Celeste and her Loyal Pal, the Lusitano Horse, and our feelings are even stronger now! We love the quality, affordability, accessibility, quality, and style of these products. And, of course, we love that for every Our Generation doll, outfit, or accessory sold, a portion of sales goes to Free The Children's Power of a Girl Initiate to help provide girls in developing countries and education.

Read more about the Our Generation Story and find these great toys at a Target near you.
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