Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Mother Nurture: Treats for Mom, Nutrition for Mom & Baby

This post was sponsored by MomSelect and Mother Nurture. All opinions expressed are my own.

I'm almost at the nine month mark breastfeeding my youngest daughter. When I think back on how difficult the first few weeks were, I'm in awe at how far we've come - how natural it feels to breastfeed now - and how amazing that we've been able to reintroduce so many previously allergenic foods to both my and her diet. I can't think about this breastfeeding journey without being in awe of the fact that one person can provide life-sustaining nutrients to another. The fact that what I eat and drink gets passed along to my baby to help keep her healthy and strong is incredible. That's why it's so important that nursing moms stay committed to keeping themselves hydrated and snacking on nutritious things. The benefits to baby are real.

Mother Nurture is a new solution to prenatal and postnatal nutrition for moms. Their line of chocolate truffles (yes! chocolate truffles!) and enhanced waters combine two things that all pregnant and nursing moms need - nutritious ingredients and delicious taste! What a treat to not have to choose one of those things over the other!

I'll be honest - I was excited to try Mother Nurture products, but I was skeptical as well. I've tried "delicious" pre- and post-natal "treats" before and have found the "pre- and post-natal" part of the description to be stronger than the "delicious treats" part. I tried Mother Nurture expecting that I'd get something a little tasty with a lot of vitamin-y flavor. You know what I'm talking about - that grassy, grainy, powdery, medicinal taste that comes along with supplement-type foods and beverages.

So, my opinion after trying Mother Nurture? These treats truly are delicious - not just palatable. It's not just "okay, yeah, vitamin-chocolate...", but more like, "Wait. Did they forget to put the healthy stuff in?"

Mother Nurture Enhanced Chocolate Truffles come in two delicious flavors - Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Raspberry. They are rich, creamy, and full of chocolatey deliciousness. They are also full of nutrition for mom and baby - folic acid, DHA, calcium, and vitamin D. They are non-GMO, gluten-free, kosher, and contain all natural ingredients.

Mother Nurture Enhanced Waters come in three delicious flavors - Tropical Splash, Mixed Berry, and Pink Grapefruit. These delicious drinks encourages pregnant and nursing moms to stay hydrated while providing a boost of folic acid, calcium, vitamin B12, and choline. They are non-GMO, allergen free, and made with all natural ingredients.

Growing babies - while in the womb and out - is hard work. Treat yourself! Although neither Mother Nurture product replaces the nutrition received from prenatal vitamins, they both provide beneficial nutrition and truly are a treat you'll look forward to enjoying regularly.

Visit Mother Nurture's website to learn more and purchase some goodies for yourself today.

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