Monday, December 16, 2013

Rainbow Braid Rubber Bands - 5400 piece Massive Loom Refill Set!

Over the past several months I've heard a lot of chatter about the Rainbow Loom.  My first encounter was a bracelet given to my daughter by my brother who stopped at what he thought was a lemonade stand on the side of the road... where they were actually selling sweet little rubber band bracelets!  I quickly realized that this is the new "thing"!  My 3 year old is a little bit young to finagle little rubber bands and bracelet kits on her own so we didn't have one and weren't following the trend at all until I got an email from my new friends over at Paper & Twine who asked me to review some Liquid Chalkers last month.  This time, they were wondering if I'd be interested in reviewing their Rainbow Braid Rubber Bands - 5400pc Massive Loom Refill Set!  I think they knew I'd figure out something to do with these things!  So, they were kind and generous enough to send me their refill set as well as a Rainbow Loom so I could try my hand at these sweet little bracelets and give you my thoughts!

I'd say this is pretty good for my first try!  (I think... but if you notice I'm doing it wrong, please tell me so I'm not totally humiliated on the internet!)

The colors in this refill set are great.  There are 18 different color bands, including regular, sparkly, and even glow in the dark.  I just closed myself in a closet with the bracelet I made and sure enough, the glow in the dark ones do glow!

Prior to receiving my bands in the mail, I received an email with some additional info and pointers on using the bands.  They offer a 100% guarantee policy and some of the things they want their customers to notice about their product is that the bands are not smelly, they are strong and sturdy, latex free rubber, and they are made by hand.  I have no prior experience with any brand loom bands, but my experience with these are that they have no scent and none of the ones I used broke.

The refill pack comes with 300 bands and 250 clips.  There are 18 different colors:
Solid/Neons (Red, Purple, Turquoise, Light Blue, Dark Blue)
Fluorescents (Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Orange, Purple)
Glitters (Pink, Blue, Purple, Orange, Green)
Bolds (Black, White)

I am now on a mission to find lots of fun, crafty, projects in which I can use little rubber bands!  I know I can make the bracelets but I guarantee there are tons of other things I can figure out, so stay tuned.  I didn't want to delay in getting this review out to you though so you can finish your holiday shopping!

You can order Rainbow Braid Rubber Bands - 5400pc Massive Loom Refill Set on amazon here.  You might want to consider a free trial of amazon prime, which you can sign up for here, so you can get these with free shipping in two days!  You can always cancel the trial later if you don't wish to keep taking advantage all it has to offer.

Special thanks to Paper & Twine and Rainbow Braid for the fun opportunity to try and review these products!

Order yours today!!

Disclosure: I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to  I did not receive compensation for this review, other than a Rainbow Braid Rubber Bands - 5400 piece Massive Loom Refill Set and a Rainbow Loom to try and keep.  The opinions expressed are my own.  
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