Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Frogglez Goggles - the Best Goggles for Kids!

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Recently we went on a hunt for a good pair of goggles and were introduced to Frogglez. I think we've finally found the best kids' goggles out there! Here's some back-story...

We have a child that loves the water - hooray! We have an above-ground pool at our home and she has mostly taught herself to swim. Thankfully, as of this past summer, she was tall enough to reach the bottom of the pool so even without all of the swimming technicalities learned, I felt pretty comfortable with her swimming - even with me watching from the sidelines.

Now that she's getting older though, and being invited to pool parties, and getting a little braver at the beach, her truly learning to swim was important to us so we signed her up for lessons. She started this past fall and has, after two sessions, already moved up to the 11 foot deep area of the pool! We couldn't be more proud.

She's always been fairly comfortable underwater but adding goggles to her swimming attire has significantly increased her confidence. The thing about goggles though is that she's always taking them on and off her eyes - which inevitably means (1) she's ending up with water in her eyes, and (2) I have to continuously help her get her goggles back on because as soon as she moves them, they flip right off her head!

Until now!

Frogglez Goggles

Recently, as we were working to get our goggles adjusted before swimming class, another parent and child introduced us to Frogglez.

Frogglez were created by a dad who struggled with some of the same things we did - goggles that were hard to adjust, too tight, pulled out hair, and just didn't stay put, necessitating the constant parental job of putting them back on and starting the cycle all over again. This smart dad created a colorful, cute, floating, hassle-free product with a smooth, soft strap that is easy to adjust, doesn't pull hair, and is super easy for even kids to put on and take off.

So we've been using Frogglez for three weeks and couldn't be more pleased! Our daughter loves them - and so do we! They are so much easier to put on - and keep on - than standard goggles. They keep the water out and sit neatly and comfortably on her head throughout her swimming lesson. They are high quality, sturdy, easily adjustable, and dry quickly. They don't get tangled in her hair, and don't pop off her head when she lifts them off or on her eyes. Frogglez have truly increased our daughter's confidence in 11 feet of water, and for that, we couldn't be more grateful!

Here's an honest review from a 5 year-old Frogglez lover! These are her FAVORITE things about them... in her own words...
  • They have the thing for if you wear ponytails
  • They water doesn't get in your eyes with them
  • They come in pink, purple, green, and blue
  • Their name is Frogglez
  • If you want to try them out to see what they are like, you might get a bracelet and gummy bears (Even kids know that good customer service is important, and Frogglez got it right!) 

I'm so glad we were introduced to Frogglez. We'd never want to go swimming without them - and now we'd hate for any of our friends to be swimming without them either! If you're in the market for goggles, give these ones a try!

Check out the options on the Frogglez website and order a pair today!
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