Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Frozen Fundraiser ~ all proceeds to benefit children and elderly in Romania

Some friends of ours are having a super exciting fundraiser next month that you will not want to miss if you are in the area.  This fundraiser is being coordinated by a 22 year old named Josh that came to the United States from Romania when he was 3 years old.  Josh runs a project called Operation Snowflake through which he raises money to support children and elderly in Romania.  He and his mom, Lynn, travel back to Romania as often as they can to offer physical, emotional, and financial support to families there.  For example, a few years ago, Josh and his mom found out that there was a mother in Romania that was carrying her 9 year old son 3 miles back and forth to physical therapy because they could not afford a wheelchair.  Operation Snowflake was able to raise enough funds that year to buy that family a wheelchair!  Josh and Lynn are heading back to Romania in 8 short weeks and they are raising funds again!  Here are the details!

Operation Snowflake ~ Frozen Fundraiser
Sunday, August 24 
2:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Wilmington United Methodist Church
87 Church Street
Wilmington, MA 

Photos with Elsa and Anna
Queen Elsa and Princess Anna from Party Palace in Northfield, NH will be on hand to take photos and sign autographs.  Families taking photos will be asked for a good will offering or a photographer will be on hand to take photos which will be available the day of the event for a price of $5 per child up to a maximum of $15 per family.

photos courtesy of Party Palace

Frozen Themed Food
Elsa's Snow Cones
Olaf's Drinks
Kristoff's Rice Krispy Treats
Anna's Baked Items

Frozen Themed Crafts and Games

Silent Auction
A night at the Homewood Suites by Hilton
Reiki Session
Elsa Cake for a future birthday or another celebration
Patriot Handmade Pillow Cases
$100 Gift Card to Showcase Cinema
A basket with all the items you need to make an Elsa Dress
Celtics Championship Plaque with all engraved Championships
Brand New Garnett #5 White Celtics Jersey
2008 Celtics Championship Sweatshirt XL
and more!

All proceeds will go to help children and elderly in Romania.

For more information, please contact Lynn Powers at 617-538-0736 
or via email at grapeadv@comcast.net

You can RSVP on Facebook or just come join us on the 24th!

Those unable to attend the fundraiser can still help by making a tax deductible donation written out to Missio International.  Please write "Veritas" in the memo and mail to:
c/o Lynn Powers
Wilmington United Methodist Church
87 Church Street
Wilmington, MA 01887

We would love your help spreading the word about this event!  You can share on social media by clicking on the small buttons located at the bottom of the post.

From Lynn ~ Some background on Operation Snowflake:
Lynn met Josh when she went to Romania in 1993 to help create an orphanage based program for many of the kids that were highlighted in the 20/20 specials about 100,000 orphaned and abandoned kids in the country. It was an eye opening experience that you needed to live it to understand why Romanians were not at fault for what was seen in those programs. The majority of Romanians never knew these children existed and the dictatorship in place prior to December 25, 1989 made it very difficult for families to survive. Once he and his wife were eliminated the outcry was loud to have Non Profit Government Agencies from the West come and help train the Romanian Caregivers.

Although it took two years Josh came home to the Boston area and began living a much easier lifestyle than what he had been used to surviving. At age six Josh and Lynn returned for what become a yearly pilgrimage back to Romania. After his third trip to his birth country Josh was watching an Amy Grant Series called 3 Wishes. One of the wishes on a particular program was about the Happy Factory, a company with a huge heart. They made wooden cars and trucks for underprivileged kids all over the world. After its airing they were inundated with requests for those little wooden objects. But what surprised them the most was a letter from a nine year old boy from the Boston Area. It was Josh’s request for some of those cars and trucks for the kids in Romania for Christmas presents. He already knew at that age that was something these kids did not get. Three weeks late we received 200 wooden items for the kids. In an effort to ensure the girls also received a Christmas gift he enlisted several people to make them bracelets. In February while in NYC Josh and Lynn went to see Fiddler on the Roof and Wicked. Both showed had similar themes, as they walked back to the hotel it began to snow beautiful big snowflakes. As they talked, Lynn said to her son do you know what people and snowflakes have in common? Her response was that no two are alike. The next day it was settled the on-going work would be called Operation Snowflake because people look at snowflakes and say how pretty they are even though they are all different and if there are enough of them they can cause grief. But those individuals who are different are often not thought of the same way, instead they are given labels. The Motto of Operation Snowflake is to “Admire the Beauty in All.”  

Although Romania is not on the news any longer it does not mean that life is good there. Yes some things are better but those with disabilities still struggle to access services. We work with Veritas Romania. The work with disabled individuals, the elderly, and victims of domestic violence. The program to date has worked with several thousand children and families. You may go to their website at veritas.ro, please link on the British Flag for English.  


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