Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Real Bug Dig It Out Science Kit from Discover with Dr. Cool

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We love bugs around here... and we love hands-on exploration... and just plain cool science stuff. So, we were pretty excited to have the chance to try out the Real Bug Dig It Out Science Kit from Discover with Dr. Cool!

This totally hands-on science exploration kit, winner of the Brain Toy Gold Award - Academic's Choice 2013, comes with a beetle-shaped digging block which contains 3 little critters, enclosed in acrylic, as well as some tools. Your job (or your child's job) is to excavate the bugs!

If you dig, dig, dig, you'll eventually uncover a scorpion, a spiny spider, and a fortune beetle. Once you dig them out, you can clean them off with the enclosed brush and study them with the enclosed magnifying glass. You can also learn some cool facts about each of the bugs and engage in some fun educational games included within the enclosed activity booklet.

This kit is especially designed for children aged 6-12. Our little science lover is 4 years old but she was super excited to see her new excavation kit and get right to work to find the bugs. She lasted just a few minutes before asking for my help. I did my best to help her but so far we've only excavated one of the bugs... and it's been several weeks. Yikes! This is the real deal! Bug excavation is not for the weary, my friends. My hands got super tired, sore, and a little cut up in the process and we decided to save the rest for Daddy.

So, my thoughts? We like the kit, but 4 years old is a little young. I'm thinking 10-ish is probably right on target in terms of age-approriateness. I think kids younger than that could do it with patience and dedication... but not likely in one sitting. I'm not sure anyone could do this in one sitting! It's hard work, but fun and rewarding, if you have the strength and patience to stick with it... (or strong power tools - only kidding - sort of - leave that up to the grown-up's discretion!).

We're looking forward to completing our excavation with Daddy's help soon.

If you have a science loving big kid, I think they'll like this kit! It would also make a great addition to a classroom setting, where everyone takes turns. Teamwork would definitely make it faster, easier, and likely even more fun.

You can find the Real Bug Dig It Out Science Kit on the Discover with Dr. Cool website or on amazon.com.


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