Friday, September 14, 2012

Nature Bracelets

This is a super easy and fun project for a sunny day!  All you need is packing tape, or really any kind of tape would do.  Wrap it around your arm with the sticky side facing out, go on a little nature walk, and stick on whatever treasures you can find!  If you're doing this project with a toddler you might need to model it first.  My daughter was kind of panicked at the thought of me taping her arm until I put it on my own wrist first and she figured out what we were doing.

I originally read of this idea here.  When you're done you could take the tape off and attach it to a piece of paper to have a keepsake.  I thought this was a great plan however my daughter prefers to leave things where they belong and when we were done she chose to take all of the treasures off and put them back.

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