Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Milk Savings and Fun on the Farm!

We go through at least two gallons of whole milk weekly and this expense adds up!  I've spent a lot of time shopping around for the best milk deals, hoping to find milk that tastes great but doesn't break the budget.  I was surprised with what I ultimately found!  The best place to get the least expensive but the yummiest and freshest milk is at our local dairy farm, Richardson's!  You may know Richardson's for their delicious ice cream or fun miniature golfing but we now appreciate them for so much more.

A gallon of whole milk costs $2.88 which is about $1 LESS expensive than buying name brand milk at Stop & Shop or Shaws!  And you know exactly where this milk came from... in fact, you can go visit the cows while you are there!

We make at least one trip weekly to Richardson's for our milk and to visit the animals... baby cows, mommy cows, goats, chickens, and turkeys!  There is no cost to visit them.  It's a totally free little adventure.  The animals are friendly and excited for visitors and we are certainly excited to see them.  We are always sure to thank the cows for the yummy milk before we leave.

You can get milk, creamer, eggs, ice cream, frappes, and yes, even hot dogs at Richardson's.

There are Richardson's locations both on 114 in Middleton, MA and inside Jordan's Furniture in Reading, MA.  If I remember correctly, the milk is a few cents more expensive in Reading, but still a great deal.  Visit the Richardson's website here, their facebook page here and plan a visit today!

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