Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nescafé Memento

I am a hot beverage drinker and proud of it.  We drink coffee like it's going out of style over here.  I could drink coffee at 5:00 in the morning to wake up and at 11:00 at night to go to sleep... and anytime in between to be honest!  If not coffee, I'm fine with tea, hot chocolate, etc.  I prefer the real deal (coffee) when I first get up in the morning but other than that I can be flexible!

Needless to say, I was so excited to be chosen for the Nescafé Memento Bzz Campaign!  I think BzzAgent knew this would be right up my alley.  This is not the first hot beverage / coffee drink campaign I've been chosen for!

BzzAgent advertised this campaign as "Specialty coffeehouse classics, at home, in the office, or on-the-go."  It doesn't get much more exciting than that!  I may be a coffee drinker but as you know, I am absolutely not a big spender.  I will admit that you may find me at Dunkin' Donuts periodically (with my husband and daughter's prompting... as a thanks for them coming along on my grocery shopping trips and putting up with my sometimes lengthy store check-outs) but I will not typically be found out and about spending money on "specialty coffeehouse classics."

My Bzz kit came with free full size boxes of each of the three Nescafé Memento flavors... here are the descriptions from the company's website...

Caramel Latte
A perfect blend of buttery caramel flavor, smooth coffee and pillowy froth - heaven for your taste buds!

A top layer of frothy foam leads to a smooth creamy coffee - you'll be licking your lips down to the last sip.

Rich chocolate flavor and smooth coffee combine to create a delightfully indulgent chocolate lover's dream.

Inside each box of Nescafé Memento was eight tubes of flavored powder that when combined with nothing more than hot water make a fancy coffeehouse looking (and tasting) drink!

I first decided to try the Cappuccino flavor.  My father has always been a cappuccino lover and I remember him letting me try cappuccino when I was little.  I think there is something sentimental about drinking it... something about that frothy combination of bitterness, sweetness, deliciousness... it brings me back to way back when...  So whenever this is an option for me, it's my natural choice.  Depending on where I get cappuccino I never really know whether to add sugar, etc since sometimes it can be a little strong for my taste.  My thoughts on Nescafé Memento Cappuccino? Perfect in every way!  It was exactly the frothy deliciousness I was hoping for without having to add a single thing but hot water!  No cream or sugar needed.

The Caramel Latte and Mocha flavors were a close second to the Cappuccino.  I suppose they would all have equal levels of wonderfulness if I didn't have some sort of psychological attachment to the Cappuccino...  They really were all great!  I love that these drinks are not only tasty but that are easy as can be.  There is absolutely no heavy labor required!  Sometimes when I'm mixing hot chocolate I can mix and mix and mix for what feels like an eternity and when I finish my drink there are still some little pieces of powder floating around and inevitably a pool of chocolate syrup left in the bottom of the mug when I'm done.  This was not the case with these drinks!  They mixed with water very easily and smoothly and there was nothing leftover in the bottom of my mug.

The froth factor of these drinks deserves a paragraph all of it's own.  To me, the froth is what makes a hot drink a fancy hot drink.  These drinks froth up immediately when you add water!  Even before you start stirring.  This picture is of what my drink looked like just after pouring hot water into my mug over the drink mix.  See what I mean?  I will call out my husband here and let you know that he does not love frothy drinks.  He didn't mind the taste of Nescafé Memento but in a line up of different drink options these are not the ones he would choose... because of the froth!  So this says something for the frothiness of these drinks being the real deal!  (And this excites me because without him drinking these, there are lots more for me!)

These drinks are perfect for someone relaxing at home by the fire or someone on the go.  They are perfect for my taste buds and my lifestyle!  Obviously, I highly recommend that you give them a try!

You can find more info on the Nescafé Memento website here and can follow them on facebook and twitter here and here!  You can do all the same with BzzAgent here, here, and here!  If you haven't tried either Nescafé Memento or BzzAgent, you should... and I'd be happy to give you more info on either one if you need it!

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  1. Lori, I am a coffee drinker also. I would like to try all of these. I have been buying the Caramel Latte at the local drug store but would like to try all of these and have the ability to buy in monthly sums. Would you be so kind as to direct me as to where I could go to do so. Your summary for coffee drinking sounded just like mime. My husband finds it hard to believe that coffee puts me to sleep. Now I have proof that it effects others in the same manner. Thanks Help me out with my wonderful habit I so enjoy. It runs a close race with Star Bucks my other favorite coffee place. I was buying from a company but they sold out so I had to mad dash to find one I liked and I found this one was better than others I had tried. I just want to be able to buy more than just having to 40 times a week to drug store!! Thanks


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