Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mickey Mouse Puzzles

I am knee deep in planning our Disney Side @Home Celebration and couldn't be more excited!  Stay tuned for some blog posts with sneak peeks into our party planning.  I hesitated to share in case our guests are reading, but you might want some ideas too!

I have a feeling our preschool guests will love these Mickey Mouse Puzzles!

Original inspiration was found here but here's what we did...

What you need:
  • Tongue depressors
  • Mickey cutout (change the % to print to the size you need)
  • Permanent Makers
  • Tape

What you do:
  • Line up the tongue depressors and take the edge to keep them steady
  • Trace the edge of the Mickey cutout
  • Color
So easy!  So fun!



  1. I love this idea- simple and festive!

    1. I agree!

      My original plan was to do all black but our DisneySide is pretty colorful over here so the more colors the better! Plus... imagine ten 3-4 year olds all doing them at the same time with pieces all over the place... I need organization!!


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