Saturday, May 30, 2015

Kids Academy Educational Apps for Children!

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We love finding fun apps to use on the iPad - and ones that are both fun and educational are the best! Kids Academy has tons of free apps and today we tried a new favorite! Check them out below.

We'll start with our new favorite, a full version that is FREE for a limited time!

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Love, love, love, love, love! Besides loving this app, I love that Kids Academy is offering it free for a limited time! This means you get all the wonderful features that Kids Academy is so good at - graphics, sounds, colors, seamless fun - except you don't only get a couple of activities - you get the whole thing! 

In this game, your child has a choice of 10 shapes to start with. Beyond the 10 basic shapes, they will also have the opportunity to trace robots that are made up of the different shapes. This is great for building fine motor skills and learning shape names - even the more obscure ones! They will trace the shapes, all the while collecting my favorite adorable, colorful fireflies into a jar. The jar has a little label that lets you know how many you have and you can continue to watch the total increase so you're getting some addition and number recognition in this too!

My daughter was thrilled with this little game. She had fun, learned new things, and loved the robots!

This app is a great addition to the Kids Academy collection!

And next up is another math app...

The free version of this app includes three different games. 

Learn 1 to 10 - your child will trace numbers to practice fine motor skills and number recognition. It's great practice and super cute with colorful fireflies and lots of positive reinforcement like "You rock!" and "Hey, you're getting the hang of it!"

Simple Addition - your child will solve addition math facts with the help of a cute doggie who needs to find his bone! Once the correct answer is identified, the child will drag the bone to that number and doggie will get his treat. This game provides the perfect amount of challenge for a preschooler.

Simple Sequences - your child will complete dot-to-dot shapes by dragging a line from one number to the next, in order, up to 16, to reveal a fun animal surprise. This is great practice for both fine motor skills and counting.

This app, similarly to all of our Kids Academy favorites, includes the most adorable, bright, colorful graphics, seamless game play, and cheerful music and voices. The only downside to this is that the free version contains only a couple of activities per game which leaves my kiddo bored fairly quickly. Other than that, it won't disappoint.

We're always looking for new apps to try - and like I said before, the ones that are both fun and educational are our favorites. Kids Academy is great at creating just that. Which ones are your favorite?

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