Monday, June 15, 2015

The Disney Store at the Burlington Mall is OPEN!

We are pleased to partner with Walt Disney Studios to provide coverage and promotion of this event.
We were provided with gifts to thank us for our participation, but all opinions expressed are our own.

We were so excited to attend the Grand Opening Celebration for the Disney Store at the Burlington Mall in Burlington, Massachusetts this past weekend!

It was full of magic and pixie dust... would anyone expect different? The store was set to open at 10:00 AM and we arrived shortly before 9:00 AM to a crowd full of excitement! There was music, friendly cast members, stickers, Mickey ears, games, tons of anticipation, and a line that was growing by the minute.

Becky, one of many fantastic Disney Store Cast Members

Mickey Ears for the first 500 guests at the Disney Store Grand Opening Celebration!

After some singing, dancing, a visit from Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and the Burlington Store Manager, we had a group countdown, and one lucky child unlocked imagination - officially opening the Disney Store! The excitement was palpable and the crowd was huge!

Here's a quick recap from my almost 5-year-old about the Grand Opening Celebration and the Disney Store in general:
  • We saw Minnie and Mickey!
  • There was a big key!
  • They have shoes that light up!
  • They have wands!
  • It's so fun!
  • You get to go inside and see the pixie dust trail and the pixie dust trees!
  • I like to go in the little castle!
  • I like when there's not a long line!
  • I like that you get to pick dresses and wings and see some toys!

Now, truth be told, I actually visited the store in advance to be sure to get some extra pictures to share with you and to get a feel for the Disney Store magic without the crowds. Here's a little sampling with some pictures from my advance trip and some pictures from the grand opening. I think you'll agree that you need to get to the Burlington Mall soon!

As you can see, the store includes some really fun and magical elements such as a blue Pixie Dust Trail that leads you through the store, Magical Trees, a Princess Castle and a unique skyline including local landmarks, and even (thanks, Store Manager Lori for the tip) hidden princesses!

Lori, Disney Store at the Burlington Mall Store Manager

Within the Disney Store, there is a Theater with a large screen, a media center, and a special spot for little ones to color while enjoying a tea party. (And don't worry, there's a place for grown-ups to sit and relax too!)

Whether you're a fan of Disney, Disney Junior, Marvel, Pixar or even Star Wars, the Disney Store at the Burlington Mall has you covered. There is something for everyone! The merchandise is high quality and more reasonably priced than I expected!

Besides all of the amazing features I've already mentioned, if you're looking for even more of an excuse to visit the Disney Store, there are some events this month, in anticipation of the upcoming release of Disney·Pixar's Inside Out on June 19! Disney Store locations, including Burlington Mall, will host a special in-store event to introduce Riley's emotions in a fun and engaging way! 

Saturdays, June 20 and 27
10:30 AM, 11:30 AM and 12:30 PM

Guests will enter the Control Center inside Riley's mind where they'll see how Anger, Fear, Sadness, Disgust, and Joy work together to create memories that come in all colors!

The event will include:
  • Interacting with all of Riley's emotions on the Media Screens in the Disney Store Theater
  • Learning how each emotion makes you feel and how it is best to express that emotion
  • Discovering that all emotions are important and that they help make up who you are
  • A FREE memory ball for guests to store in their own Long Term Memory
  • During Summer Play Days, guests will also receive an Inside Out button when they attend any event between Sunday, June 6 and Sunday, July 5.
Have you visited the Disney Store yet? What did you think? We can't wait to go back!

You can visit Disney Store online on their WebsiteFacebook, or Twitter! But better yet, visit them in person at the Burlington Mall!

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