Friday, October 19, 2012

Great Coffee. Good Vibes. Pass It On.

Yesterday I received some samples of Green Mountain Fair Trade Coffee in the mail as a part of one of the most recent BzzAgent Campaigns for which I was chosen!  Talk about exciting mail!

October is Fair Trade month.  Prior to this campaign, I had no idea what that even meant but I've been studying up.  I've learned that basically when we purchase items that are Fair Trade Certified, we are supporting the countries from which they came.  Fair Trade gets coffee farmers a fair price for their beans, improves their working conditions, assists in protecting the environment, supports community development, and ultimately helps them invest in better quality coffee which of course in turn benefits the coffee drinkers.

We are obviously not purchasing directly from the farmers themselves but when we purchase Fair Trade Certified coffee we know that the companies that have manufactured it have not only paid a fair base price for the coffee but have paid a community development premium as well.  In the end, we get better coffee and those that have farmed those coffee beans get a better life.  It's a win-win.  As someone who has visited many different countries throughout the world, the thought of helping community development and improving quality of life for people that are working very hard is pretty significant to me.

From my Green Mountain Fair Trade samples so far, I have tried Wild Mountain Blueberry (tastes like a fresh blueberry pie) and Vermont Country Blend (smooth as can be).  Prior to this I've tried Island Coconut at a friends house (unbelievably delicious) and Pumpkin Spice here at home ('tis the season).  My mom drinks Columbian Fair Trade Select every day.  This coffee is great!

You can learn more about Fair Trade on the Green Mountain Coffee facebook page and if you watch a short video you can access some free samples and coupons for yourself!

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