Friday, October 12, 2012

Melted Crayon Drawings

Drawing with melting crayons is a simple but great activity that takes just a little bit of preparation, and only if you don't already have your crayons separated out and peeled.  We now just peel the paper from all of our broken crayons and store them all together for activities like this.

Here's what to do:

Remove the paper from your crayons.

Heat a plate in the microwave or under hot water.  I start at 30 seconds in the microwave but typically have to heat a bit more.  Just don't do a long time at once.

Draw on the plate with the crayons.

The crayons melt as you draw with them, slipping and sliding, and making very fun colors!

I really love this activity and I thought my daughter loved it too but I will admit that after one or two times doing it, she now refuses it every time I offer.  I'm not exactly sure why, but apparently it is not one of her favorites.  Regardless, it still comes highly recommended!

A couple of notes:

Of course you will need to be careful not to give your child a plate that is so hot it is going to burn them so test it out yourself first.  It should be very warm, but not hot.  If the crayons aren't melting well, put the plate in the microwave for a few more seconds.  The warmer the plate, the brighter the colors and easier the drawing/painting.

The crayon should wash off the plate with soap and hot water when you are done but if you have little grooves or scratches in your plate, it might take a little scrubbing.  I tested a plate first just in case!

I originally read about this activity here.

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