Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wax Paper Sun Catchers

As of today, this is our new favorite activity!  My two year old LOVED it and asked if we can do it more later after I prepare more supplies!

Here's what you'll need to make these colorful sun catchers...

  • wax paper
  • scissors
  • crayon shavings in little bowls
  • iron
  • old towel, tshirt, etc to iron on so that you don't get melted crayon all over your table and/or iron (it will get on the towel so don't use your best white one)

And this is what you'll do...

  • Use peeled crayons to make crayon shavings.  I tried using a vegetable peeler but was not too impressed.  It's possible but not as practical as a real crayon sharpener.  I didn't have a freestanding one but eventually found one on the back of a dry erase crayon box.  It did the trick but a regular crayon one would be even better.  Shave different colored crayons into little bowls.  I separated my colors but it really wasn't necessary because they were all combined within minutes.
  • Plug in your iron (out of reach of children).  I used mine on the opposite side of the table, on a towel.
  • Cut shapes out of wax paper.  You'll need two of each to make a crayon shaving sandwich out of them so put two pieces together to cut or if you are making a folded design like a butterfly or heart, fold two pieces of wax paper together so you're actually cutting through four sheets... know what I mean?
  • Give one side of the design to your child to decorate with crayon shavings.
  • Carefully move to the ironing area and cover with the other side of the design.
  • Fold over the towel and iron for 30 seconds or so - maybe more or less depending on how hot your iron is, how many shavings you need to melt, and how big your design is.  Just keeping checking it and when the crayon is melted and the pages are sticking together, it's done.
  • Remove from the towel (careful not to burn your hands) and admire the beautiful creation!

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